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July 21, 2016

Yeah, Georgia's offense wasn't great on 3rd down


Q1 S&P+114.536124.915
Q2 S&P+119.52395.482
Q3 S&P+130.09142.15
Q4 S&P+105.25598.773
1st Down S&P+125.76116.820
2nd Down S&P+125.811109.140
3rd Down S&P+86.8109112.135

Which is born out when you look at the raw stats for 3rd down. 31% conversion rate, good for 120th in DI.

There is no simple answer, as we were middling on 3rd and short rushing plays (16 first downs on 29 attempts) and terrible in every other scenario (under 25% conversion rate total). Ok, we were around 50% on 3rd and short passing, which is good, but why would we ever pass on third and short considering the running game last year? Considering we only gained 96 yards on 9 completions, it wasn't like we were taking downfield shots from a rushing look.

With a different OC here, it is hard to draw conclusions, but it isn't hard to be relieved we aren't faced with the knowledge that the same OC probably would mean either running from a running look or passing from a passing look on 3rd down.

Of course, results vary.

July 14, 2016

Dawgs picked to finish third in the East by media

I guess it is time for Butch to put up or, you know, get more bricks.

July 13, 2016

Hoops Scheduling News for the CBE Hall of Fame Classic

Wow - I guess Finebaum won't be wearing Crimson this fall edition

Presented without comment, other than to say for Finebaum, it was an incredibly fair question. Apparently, it was less cordial during the commercial break.

July 12, 2016

Waiting Since Last Saturday Podcast Update

We are so ready to get going on season two. Between Will's day jobs covering baseball and politics and Scott's burgeoning filming schedule, July was a wash.

Now with media days at hand, we're already mapping out what this season's WSLS Podcast will be. As much fun as going to SEC Media days may (or may not) be, we're not there. Because Will is in San Diego with his 'real job' and Scott is in New York with his 'real job.'

But North Carolina is looming and tickets are about to be sent out and Bulldog Seatbacks won't stop emailing me and Mark Richt has lost control of Pokemon and we don't have a quarterback/running back/wide receiver and the national media has Tennessee in the playoffs.

Trust me, we all want it to be football season. We've been waiting for way too many Saturdays.

June 28, 2016

The Best Vol

And it ain't close.

RIP Coach Summitt

June 24, 2016

Georgia is "kind of far out there in Athens"

Very cool read from Kevin Ware, former Louisville and Georgia State basketball player, on his decision to transfer to Georgia State from Louisville. Most interesting to me, the Georgia basketball fan:
Going home to the Atlanta area, I didn’t have a lot of choices. Georgia Tech wasn’t an option because Louisville had just moved to the ACC, and I’d have had to sit out a year if I transferred within the conference. Georgia was an option, but it was kind of far out there in Athens, and I wanted to be closer to my mom. I even entertained the idea of going to Auburn because of coach Bruce Pearl.
Georgia is "kind of far out there," while Auburn isn't. He was committed to Tennessee under Pearl, so they had that prior connection over telephone calls and cook outs at Pearl's house, but still. Georgia is kind of far out there.

And keep in mind, Ware is from Conyers. It is only 16 miles further to Stegeman from Conyers than it is from GSU Sports arena to Conyers.

Georgia is kind of out there in Athens.

Fix that attitude within ATL AAU culture, and you are on to something.

June 23, 2016

For those that think Kirby is just Saban 2.0

Contrast Chad Clay's situation with Cam Robinson's situation. I get there is an element of two arrests vs. one (that we know of), but in the grand scheme of things, Clay's two offenses were less 'harmful' to society than Robinson's one two. That is unless you own the property Clay broke or the headphones he allegedly took.

Part of Clay's dismissal is a UGA cultural/policy decision, which I am glad to see is staying in place with the coaching change. I also have no doubt that Kirby made it clear to Clay and Rochester that any further legal issue probably ends with a dismissal. Where the future rubber meets the road is how penalties are meted out for guys that aren't dismissed from the team. It may seem hypocritical, and maybe it is, but if someone is still on the team, I don't see the need to put yourself at a competitive disadvantage vis-à-vis your peers/competitors to prove something.

That goes doubly so for giving media the quietest three months of the football season to talk about it.

June 22, 2016

Me, watching every Georgia game last season

June 21, 2016

Bag Man is Real

Someone get Steven Godfrey on this. Funny, if Mark Richt were still in Athens, there'd be media looking to find some way to connect his failures to this.


June 8, 2016

Georgia's 1980 Season

Very good read. If you have any doubt about how magical the 1980 season was, take a look. Connelly's normal statistical genius shows just how much that is so. The best is something I've said for years:
But wow, what a season this was, and it was almost made more awesome and amazing by how flawed the team itself was. This was the third-best Georgia team of the Herschel Walker era, but it was the one that secured Vince Dooley a title.

I still say BYU's championship season was worse, mainly because of their bowl opponent, but Georgia's 1980 season was one of magic and a good team getting all the breaks (insert your own Auburn jokes here). He's including the 1980 team in his upcoming book The 50 Best* College Football Teams of All-Time. If you are so inclined, you can click the link to support that effort.


June 7, 2016

Game times set for Nicholls State and Missouri games

First three weeks of the SEC schedule has been announced.

We've known for a bit that we'll take on UNC at the Georgia Dome at 5:30 on ESPN. Now we have the expected noon kickoff for Nicholls State on the SEC Network for our home opener and a (surprising) night game at Missouri. That'll be on SEC Network at 7:30.

I'll do our annual guestimation on kickoff times later this summer.

May 17, 2016

Worthy Cause

You know, I'm not much on blegs, but this is a great reason to give to UGA. I have an original Jack Davis in my office. His work is quite easily the most recognizable of all UGA art.

The scholarship will got to support and undergraduate student majoring in art, with a passion of illustration. You know, someone like Mack Williams

Georgia vs. UNC Kickoff Time

It'll be at 5:30 in the Dome. Seems right, considering some of the other games going on that day. It'll be on ESPN.


May 12, 2016

Hoops Schedules a Home and Home with Marquette


I like the ambition, against a team that has made significant improvement under second year coach Steve Wojciechowski in the Big East. It is the kind of win at home that gets you good vibes from the committee.

Plus, you get a solid, real road game in 2018 when your team should be much better thanks to the youth having another year playing together.
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